There's something about the ocean that just strips you of yourself. You become small, unimportant. In the face of that timeless tide you are nothing, and everything. Your life, your accomplishments are peeled away from you. And in this, peace. Your responsibilities are also lifted from your  shoulders. The waves come up and they go out, ceaselessly. The wind whips your face and the spray of the waves and the clouds beat against you. You lose yourself. Sometimes you have to lose yourself.

Sometimes I have to lose myself. Sometimes I have to let the wind whip my face, and I have to let myself be pulled out to sea and carried away in the undertow.

And after all this passes, when the tide goes back out, my feet are still planted on the shore in their leather boots. And I'm still there. The waves couldn't pull me away from my own mind. And I know in my bones that I'm everything, and nothing.

April 2013

by Brittany Chavez